Friday, April 24, 2009

Expert...what expert?

So, my grandiose ideas for this blog have been humbled. I have not posted since February 2nd because, well, um...I HAVEN'T BEEN SCHOOLING!!! Now, please understand that we haven't "reported" to the state yet, this was a dry run. I'm not neglecting anyone at all. (Please don't make me brag on how amazinginly ahead my brilliant children are anyway!!!) I have just had to take a breather.

January 19th we had our first day with our godson, Falon. To say that it was a difficult transition would be a gross understatement. I couldn't figure out why I was so in knots everyday and why I just wanted the day to end before my feet even hit the floor. Wanna know why? I had taken on too much! I asked the Lord (FINALLY) what I was doing wrong and He made it clear that I could stop "formally" homeschooling until the summer. What a difference that made. Do you know what we did instead?

We started our days with devotions. Mostly. We read books. We've worked puzzles. We've memorized passages. We've struggled to love well. Adjusting to another person that hasn't grown up with us has not been easy. Are there ever times when you think since it's hard you must have made a mistake? The last several months have been like that. However, the Lord reminds me that He is working out our salvation. He is concerned not only with the condition of my heart, but my children as well. They needed to be stretched beyond themselves. They needed to share their stuff. They needed to share their life. Most importantly, they needed to like it. I told the children we were going to finish this well. We were going to love as Christ would have us to, with His power, and in the end we'll be more like Him. I guess that's some pretty great stuff. Some pretty good schooling, from the school of hard knocks. Learning how to love those that you wouldn't ordinarily love. I guess that's more than Language Lessons could accomplish. I suppose that's character training...more like life training.

So, as I arrogantly consider what a "Classical" education is and why we have chosen to use that method I am reminded of the real reason we are doing this. Aside from God himself making it clear, it is my heart's desire to disciple my very own children. I want to invest in them, share my life with them, the good, the bad and the crazy(there is alot of crazy!). Whatever method we choose, the goal is the same. So, for any of you who happen upon this and you are kicking the tires, please know that the "how" is important, but it's not everything. God is going to accomplish great things if we simply obey(whether we follow our "method" to the T or crash and burn). That's what we are doing. Obeying. I haven't loved every minute of it...but I love what it's doing in me.

Until next time...